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1. Maxim Group s.r.o. can provide accommodation only to souch guests who have been pro- perly registered. To comply with this, guests present immediately upon arrival their valid ID.

2. In exceptional cases, guests may be offered on arrival other accommodation than ordered in advance, provided, though, that this does not differ substantially form the confirmed booking.

3. Maxim Group s.r.o. is obliged to accommodate a guest who has received an earlier confirmation of the accommodation capacity latest by 14:00 hrs, by which hour it shall also hold the room reserved on behalf of the guest, if not stipulated otherwise in the order.

4. Should the guests wish to extend their stays, Maxim Group can also - subject to the current availbillity - offer them an apartmant different from the one they had dwelt in.

5. We kindly ask our guests, for their own good, not to leave any larger amounts, documents or the other valuables in the apartment.

6. Apartments are used by the guests for the period agreed upon with Maxin Group. Should no advance extension of in-room times be agreed, the guest shall check out by 12:00 noon of the last day of his/her stay ynd vacates the room accordingly. If they fail to do so within the agreed period, guests may be charged the full rate as if the rooms were used for another day.

7. The guest who checks in before 6:00 am shall pay the price of the accommodation for the whole preceding night. Guests requesting accommodation before 13:00 hours, if the request room could not be rented for the preceding night, shall also pay for the previous night.

8. Without the consent of the Maxim Group management, the guest must not rearrange furnishings in the room, or carry out any adjustments or alterations to the electrical wiring or other instalations.

9. In the apartment, it is not permitted that guests should use their own electrical appliances, this rule does not apply to applicances used for keeping up pesonal hygiene (shavers, personal massage applicances, hair dryers etc.). Further exempted from this rule are low-input appliances as video camera, laptop and mobile phone battery chargers etc., if these were approved of for this purpose by the manufacturer.

10. Guests are obliged to close windows, turn off water taps, gas and electrical appliances, put out the lights, lock the apartment before leaving.

11. Guests are not allowed to bring into the apartment any explosives, weapons, radioactive or extremely vaporising harmful substances.

12. Guests will be held responsible for damages caused to the apartment property in the extent as set forth in the relevant regulations.

13. Guests are obliged to pay for the accommodation and other services in compliance with the valid price list immediately upon arrival.

14. Any guest complaints or suggestions as to the potential improvement of the apartment or activities will be received by the Maxim Group management.

This accommodation rules take effects as of July, 1st 2005 |
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