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Do we have to make prepayment ( deposit ) when we booking apartment?


Maxim Group s.r.o. do not require prepayment from their clients. Are guests are able to pay for the accommodation just upon arrival, cash or credit card, whatever they prefer. As well, Maxim group s.r.o. take right to ask for deposit in case of accommodation costs more than 200 euro.


We would like to pay in cash. Do we have to bring the Czech Crowns (CZE )?


No. Maxim Group s.r.o. accept all major currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, etc...The amount depend on exchange rate, see


We will need Bus/Tram/Metro Pass during our stay in Prague. Could we get it from you?


Yes. Maxim Group s.r.o. are willing to buy it for you and give it to you just upon arrival. This service is provided just upon request and payable only in cash. As well, we will buy/do anything else to make your staying more comfortable.


We booked the transfer and breakfast as well. Could we pay it with the credit card together with the accommodation?


No. Only the accommodation costs are payable by the credit card. The transfer and breakfast costs are provided by external partners, so you will have to cash it in.


Where we can change the money?


We would like to give you quick guide how to deal with your money exchange. There is lot of exchange officies in the area, all of them are legal, but some of them have very high commission, even up to 20 percent so be very careful where you will change your currency . In the same area you will find a lot of ATM´s and banks where exchange costs are lot lower, few percents only. One more friendly warning, NEVER CHANGE THE MONEY ON THE STREET.


We will need to pick up the taxi, but we heard some rumours...?


The situation with the taxi drivers is getting better but we recommend to agree the price in the front especially during the night time. Our apartments are located in the very centre of Prague so you probably will not need the taxi, because everything important is in the walking distance.

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